Thursday, November 20, 2008

Almost done?

The older child is now four and a half years old, and given to talking about breastfeeding and about the fact that her mouth no longer does it properly. She hasn't had a feed for weeks.

The younger child is now two and a quarter years old and still feeds morning, noon and night - in general, she has a feed first thing in the morning, just before her nap, last thing at night, and in the middle of the night; other feeds during the day are directly related to physical or emotional discomfort.

Three weeks ago I went away from her for over 24 hours. Within 12 hours I was engorged; by 18 hours I was in pain; after 22 hours I was hand-expressing in public toilets to reduce swelling. It took a few days for the bruised feeling to go away.

Today a visiting toddler fell down our stairs and my own toddler said "Beebee sad! Beebee hurt! Milk!"

She also sometimes says "Da goo," which means thank you. So that's nice.