Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Supply creates demand

Toddler has hugely increased her milk intake. I begin to think that perhaps it's a significant portion of her protein intake again. Naturally it doesn't affect Baby - this evening Toddler had both breasts for her bedtime drink, having rejected dinner, and Baby was able to have her full evening meal less than five minutes later - but I'm pretty sure it affects me.

I think I need to eat fewer carbs and more protein and vegetables. Possibly much more. I think I ought to investigate real vegetarian cooking so that I can have huge pulse-based meals, but since we've recently had to move dinnertime back to before Daddy gets home, it has to be incredibly easy to cook. Stuff Daddy can put in the slow cooker the night before would be best.

I am very glad of the increased intake. I have, in the past two weeks, spent four days in bed ill with throat infections and a nasty, nasty cold. Neither daughter has anything worse than a sniffle. Being ill is much easier when everyone else is well.