Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Demand Feeding

I'm ill, and Toddler knows it. I don't demand-feed her anymore anyway; I only feed her when it suits me, really, like any other request she makes of me. Now, that means maybe twice a day, when actually she'd prefer to nurse up to six times. It's only because I'm falling down on the job in other ways, though.

Baby is having her six-month growth spurt, so she's hungry! I'm told I fed her three times last night, and I don't remember any of it; I am very tired. Her arms and legs and neck are in rolls of muscle and fat, and then her little ankles and feet are so slim and dainty looking! She's outgrowing the 6-12 month clothes now, at five-and-a-half months. She's sitting up, looking interested in our food, demanding to nurse when we eat, trying to reach our plates at dinnertime.

I think soon it'll be time to give her a slice of carrot or banana and see what she does with it. Perhaps it'll blunt those teeth of hers. Ow.