Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The state of things

Toddler is 3y 8m and more a little girl than a Toddler now, Baby is a Toddler at 17m, and they're both still having mama milk. Baby gets it several times a day and once or twice at night; Toddler gets it almost every day, either day or night, but rarely twice in a day. Toddler usually negotiates a number and we count - one milk, two milk, three milk, four milk, five milk, six milk, seven milk, let go please. She doesn't seem to mind whether I count fast or slow as long as I stick to the agreed number.

I do definitely feel less and less able to admit that Toddler gets milk, though. Less and less. I'm kind of embarrassed about it. But when no-one external is asking, it's fine.